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Built from the ground up, our products aim to fuel the efficient flow of capital.


Cross-chain decentralized exchange & liquidity management solution that let's you trade any token across 18+ EVM chains.
Uncensored. Unrestricted. Unblockable.

P2P Fiat On/Off Ramp

Buy & sell crypto using 20+ different payment apps, such as Cash App, PayPal, or Venmo. All without the complexities of KYC.

Rocket Drop

DeFi Staking & Farming platform allowing the creation of reward systems in virtually any imaginable permutation. Open to all vetted projects.

OTC Assist

Automated escrow interface allowing two or more parties to trustlessly conduct Over-the-Counter (OTC) trades of virtually any digital asset.


Digital asset offering platform built to eliminate unscrupulous projects. Baked-in token locks, vesting schedules, automated vetting, & more.

Multi-Cross Chain Bridge

Bridge RBX & other assets to virtually any public EVM chain. Effortlessly convert assets between blockchains, including BTC, XMR, ETH, & BNB.

Ecosystem Fuel.

No fees. No bull. Just RBX.

Part of making products easy to use is minimizing headaches. While we acknowledge the benefits of token transaction taxes, our aim is to increase the velocity of RBX. Whether it's staking, farming, providing/managing liquidity, or simply interacting with external features, we want users to feel excited about using their tokens.

RBX incurs zero transaction taxes, with only a simple sell tax of 2%. You can buy, store, move, stake, and play without shrinking your holdings.

Discover Our State of Persistent Development.

Take a look at our release schedule & upcoming products.

Name Description Est. Release
RBXchange - Phase I Cross-chain DEX, 10+ EVM chains, leveraged liquidity listings, fiat onramp June 2021 [Released]
RBXchange - Phase II Limit orders and Launcher widgetization, allowing anyone to embed our products straight on their site Nov. 2021 [Released]
RBXchange - Phase III Recurring orders, block trades Q2 2022 [Beta]
RocketBridge - Phase 0 Bridging of RBX (and Clients) across all supported chains. Initial chains will be ETH, BSC, then Polygon (Matic) & Avax. Oct. 4th 2021 [Released]
RocketBridge - Phase I Cross-chain transfers of native assets, such as ETH, XMR, BTC, & BNB. Q1 2022 [Beta]
RocketBridge - Phase II Bridging of any ERC-20 token, including the ability to maintain custom functionality on the destination chain. Q1 2022 [Beta]
RocketBridge - Phase III Direct cross-chain token swaps. Automated cross-liquidity farming opportunities for users. Q2 2022 [Beta]
RBX Farming & Staking Receive stable, volume independent yield for at least 12 months. Nov. 2021 [Released]
OTC Trades / Escrow Smart contract based way to trustlessly & easily exchange assets peer to peer. Q1 2022 [Beta]
Derivatives Release of both traditional, exotic, & novel derivatives. Tradeable directly through our DEX & using our proprietary asset-backed stablecoin. Q3 2022
P2P Decentralized On/Off Ramp Easily on and off ramp Carbon Ecosystem assets with our smart contract automated system, utilize 20+ different payment types, such as Cash App, PayPal, or Venmo. All through the power of Defi, without KYC. Q1 2022 [Beta]
Vesting Claims Trustlessly and easily timelock tokens through a smart contract to be released on a fixed schedule (Days-Years), ensuring stable and consistent token releases for project team members, clients, ETC. Q1 2022 [Released]
RBX Converter Burn RBX directly for Ethereum without affecting price. Up to a 30% premium over current price when holding Rocket Knockers NFTs. TBD
...and more!

It's time to acknowledge repute.

No two holders are the same. RBX takes notes.

Part of a blockhain's beauty is its immutability. Not only are actions irreversible, but are also available for all to see. While this is already part of blockchain functionality, we wanted to incorporate this data more accessibly.

That's why RBX not only incorporates a daily snapshot of total supply, but also individual holdings. This allows us to build products and features exclusive to real holders, not just transient wallets.

Powered by Carbon.

RBX is the market implementation of Carbon's suite of novel protocols.

Carbon is the 'base layer' of everything we do with RBX, acting as both our umbrella brand and technology provider. Carbon engineers all the functionality of the RBX ecosystem, providing a separation between R&D and practical market applications. While Carbon is a (yet to be released) governance asset, it also derives value from accumulated revenue.

Upon public deployment, each Carbon token is backed by a continuously expanding portfolio of digital assets generated from the ecosystem's economic activity. This creates an ever growing and stable source of value, allowing anyone to own a piece of the what we do and each of the ventures we undertake.

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